Thursday, April 30, 2009


I wonder if i can ever really become a Lagosian. Am a kwaran, grew up in Northern Nigeria, now married and settled in Lagos. We all hear that Lagos is fast paced but really , u need to live it to believe it.

My first Impression about lagos was, God, This is a smelly, noisy, polluted state. It takes some getting used to. The blaring horns, loud music, just name it. I had constant headache for a week. It was crazy. Now two years later, am still getting used to it.

Now lagos women are fashion crazy, from the Corporate big gals to the tomato sellers. Only it has levels. LOL. While the big gals patronise the high profile saloons for their beauty treat, the small gals [lol] have their beauty hawkers to fullfil their needs.I Have seen one fix nails and eyelashes and i was like wow. Lagos is peculiar.


  1. I lovvvvveee Lagos and all its efezi (hope that is how efezi is spelt). Anyyway, I guess u cld say I am the typical Lagos girl (ok on my own level sha). I don't like fixed nails cos I can do nothing with long nails but I love fashion.

  2. Awwwwwwww man, you have to post more!! I love hearing about Nigeria, especially only being rooted her in yankee..

    you need to tell me more!

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  4. @Tairebabs i tink the spelling of effeyzi is part of the effeyzi lol. Yeah for the typical Lagos born Lagosians, Lagos is just the place to be, for me, am trying hard to acquire the taste.
    @ The Nigerian Fetish, thanks for appreciataing my ramblings, there is more to come as long as i remain in Lag. lol

  5. Hi girls, i am new in lagos and looking for some cheap beauty treamtments like eyebrows, body waxing etc. Can anyone1 guide me what are the average rates of these