Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I got to the office real late today [9.30 am] and considering the fact that am a perpetual late commer, that is quite bad. Well i got in late and met the office half empty. Thanks to the fuel scracity and the shortage of busses, it is a miracle that i made it that early.

So to the koko of the matter, i have yet to come to terms with lagos transportation system. It drives me nuts considering the following:

1. The buses are jaga jaga, but thanks to BRT sha, things are looking up AND we now have BRT buses wit AC. lol

2. The bus drivers expect commuters to jump in and out of moving buses. Haba

3. Drivers + Conductors actually insult commuters for boarding their bus?

4. Bus Drivers expect passengers to alight from the moving bus in the middle of the road? Six million ways to die abi?

5. Bus fares rise and fall according to the whims of the conductor.

6. The drivers are bad at driving.

I tink i will rest my case for now.