Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hi, Its been a while. Av been writing but not uploading them. silly abi? My grouse this time is with lagos traffic. Stale news abi?

Lagos State's phenomenal hold ups also known as traffic jam or go slow is one inherent characteristic of Lagos. Anyone who has heard of Lagos state must have heard of the traffic and how bad they can be but u need to experience one before u can appreciate the phenomenon called Lagos hold up.

U need to be in traffic for 3-4 hours for a 45 minutes trip, in a public transport [danfo not taxi] to understand what we are talking about. My first real experience was when I went from ojuelegba to Ikeja on one of my first trips to Lagos, and got stuck in a hold up. Now Lagos buses are uncomfortable. The interior is mostly made of steel and wood, made to order for Lagos danfo.

Ehen, so just imagine sitting on steel and wood and being held in place for close to four hours. For a novice, it was bad. I was close to tears, the bus was moving in inches and I was scared of getting down and taking a bike [okada]

The second bad experience was when a section of the bridge leading to Ikorodu collapsed and we were in traffic for like 5 hours. It was worse cos it was at night and we eventually got home at 12 midnight. We had left Ikorodu at six pm and was sure we would get home by 8 pm. For where? These are just two experiences out of ……… I don tire. And now because Fashola is fixing some of Lagos roads, the Ojuelegba route is even worse but I endure sha cos this time around, the traffic jams are for a good cause.

So for all of u planning on relocating or coming to Lagos on a visit, I think it is wise to find a course on discomfort and attend some. Better if the equipment used in training includes wooden benches with iron frames.

Eko o ni baje o.