Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Being a Mama

Being a mother is such a wonderful thing.
Being a mother makes u do things u would not ordinarily do.
Only motherhood will make u think it is normal to examine your baby's poop and not find it disgusting.
Only motherhood will make you wake up like 5 times in the course of the night and not think it is an inconvinience.
Only motherhood will make you forfiet that pair of shoes you have been eying for months for the latest toy.
Only motherhood will make you view certain transgressions on your privacy as normal.
Being a mother is a state of being that can only be experienced by a mother [biolohical or not].
Being a mother is just too much. Yeah and i will say that again.


  1. I am not yet a mother but one of my best friends just had a baby and truly she examines her baby's poop and called me one morning to describe the color and I just couldn't imagine how my friend (a real chick in her days) was fascinated by poop!

  2. yaaaaah!!! i disvirgined this blog!

  3. @Tairebabs, so my vlog is officially disvirgined. But really looking at your baby's poop is a necessity cos u just need to know wen something changes. lol.